Theme FAQ

Organization Tip

A makeover project provides the perfect opportunity to inventory an existing site and determine if there is any information that should be sunsetted. We will provide your group with a sample spreadsheet/flowchart to aid in organizing all new and existing content and where it should reside.

Button Choices

It is our strong recommendation that you try to keep your button choices to a total of 10. This would mean three (3) “utility” (or single destination links) buttons above the banner, and seven (7) “global” navigation buttons below the banner or in the left navigation based on the individual template. Additional buttons, especially with an all top navigation layout may result in additional design charges needed to alter the template. Utilizing the flyout menus available to you through the site admin is the most effective way to expand your navigation. You have complete control of all flyouts, negating the need to have Affiniscape modify your navigation, and you incurring a cost. Global and Utility navigation must be edited by Affiniscape which is billable.

Template Options

From time to time we will take templates out of rotation to provide fresh options for your consideration, preventing overuse of a specific look and feel.

Style Guide

The Style Guide is developed to provide you with a visual guide for your template’s style-sheet. The training offered with the style guide will provide you with some techniques and rules to maintain professional looking pages throughout your site.

Total Custom Solution

If you are desiring a new website design that reaches beyond what we offer with these templates, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas with you and come up with an estimate on what it will take to create a custom design for you.

Outside Designers

You are welcome to provide graphics for your site design. By providing the site graphics you will be billed for all time required to implement your design within the the Affiniscape system. This includes consultations and implementation/development work required to take your design live.

To make this process as smooth as possible for you and Affiniscape, we will provide our Design Requirements for you to follow. If you are using an outside designer it is recommended that a time be set up to discuss the proposed design with a member of the Creative Services team, preventing any misunderstanding or delays in your implementation.

Contact us for more information or to answer any questions you have about the site makeover process.

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